The Canberra Archery Club is Canberra's premier archery Club. Established in 1962, the Club boasts a proud history and tradition of archery development in the ACT and surrounding areas.

If you want to learn archery, our Come-and-Try page provides information about our beginners sessions as well as our come-and-try programs we offer to schools and groups.

Becoming a member is easy, our Members page provides information for new members as well as current members.

Have a look around our site and let us know how we may assist you to take up the sport or to improve your archery skills.

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Holiday Program

This holiday program will be for 1 week only, from Monday 26 Sept to Friday 30 Sept. There are two session times, 9am and 11am. Booking is required, please phone 1800 243 009. See the Come and Try page for further details.

Club Security

Due to a recent theft at the Club and suspicious activity by another person, members are encouraged to not leave bags and bows unattended at the building. Please take all bags etc down to the shooting area. Also keep the roller door shut while you are on the field.

Last person to leave the Club must ensure all doors are shut, the security system is turned on and the toilets are locked. Shut the gate on the way out.

Club handicap events

To assist people become familiar with events we are running a Club handicap event on the 3rd Sunday of the month - see the Events page. The handicap system allows a novice shooter compete against an elite archer by recognising the performace improvement the person makes, rather than just their score.

President's Shoot

The next President's shoot will be on Sunday 4 September 2016. 10am start.

Club AGM

The Club's 2016 AGM will be held on Saturday, 10 September at 11.30am. The meeting will be held at the Club grounds.



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