The Canberra Archery Club is Canberra's premier archery Club. Established in 1962, the Club boasts a proud history and tradition of archery development in the ACT and surrounding areas.

If you want to learn archery, our Come-and-Try page provides information about our beginners sessions as well as our come-and-try programs we offer to schools and groups.

Becoming a member is easy, our Members page provides information for new members as well as current members.

Have a look around our site and let us know how we may assist you to take up the sport or to improve your archery skills.

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Perfect and All Gold Badges and other awards

The Archer's Diary site includes a section that shows what scores, awards and records you have achieved. See the 'My Stuff' tab on that web site.

We have updated the Perfect and All Gold awards that have been awarded in the past 12 months but we need you to tell us what awards you have received in the past so we can update your awards.

If you have received any badges at the Club, RGB or National level, that are not listed in Archer's Diary, please send an email to the Club recorder at: recorder@archery.com.au.

Policies and procedures

As members of Archery Australia we are bound by its policies and procedures. For example, AA has a range of policies regarding standards of behaviour. These include,

Code of Conduct; Member and Child protection policy; Anti Doping Policy; Privacy Policy; Photography Policy; Zero Tolerance Policy; Transgender Policy; Alcohol Policy; Pregnancy Policy; Smoke Fee Policy; Social Media Policy; and Ethical Standards and Practices.

2015 Event calendar has been updated for club rounds.

Rounds for April & May have been added to the Club Calendar.

President's shoot.

The next President's Shoot for 2015 will be on 3 May.

See the Events page for details of the rounds to be shot. Also see the Club calendar section of the Events page for the Club round being shot alongside the President's Shoot rounds (no fee for shooting this round).

No pre-entry is required, try and be there by 8.30am so we know who is to shoot.


Upcoming activities



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