The Canberra Archery Club is Canberra's premier archery Club. Established in 1962, the Club boasts a proud history and tradition of archery development in the ACT and surrounding areas.

If you want to learn archery, our Come-and-Try page provides information about our beginners sessions as well as our come-and-try programs we offer to schools and groups.

Becoming a member is easy, our Members page provides information for new members as well as current members.

Have a look around our site and let us know how we may assist you to take up the sport or to improve your archery skills.

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President's Shoot

The start time for the July and August Presidents shoot is now 10am.

Club Calendar

Canberra round added to 26 July calendar

World Crossbow Champs

Stuart atkins has been selected as a member of the Australian team to the World Crossbow Champs in Florida, 13-17 July.

Club Working Bee

A Club working Bee will be held on Saturday, 27 June from 9am

AACT meeting

A meeting of Archery ACT will be held at the Club on Sunday 28 June at 1.30pm

Club meetings

A summary of the previous committee meeting discussions is attached.

The next Club committee meeting will be on Saturday 4 July @ 12pm

Shooting Club rounds

Club rounds as shown on the Events page can now be shot between the listed Sunday through to the following Saturday. This is relevant to people seeking classification awards and Club records. However, 3 people must be shooting together for your scores to be counted.

Canberra Field @ Yass, 20-21 June

For results to Archers Diary event results tab.


2015 Event calendar has been updated for club rounds.

Rounds for May have been added to the Club Calendar.

President's shoot.

The next President's Shoot for 2015 will be on 5 July.

See the Events page for details of the rounds to be shot. Also see the Club calendar section of the Events page for the Club round being shot alongside the President's Shoot rounds (no fee for shooting this round).

No pre-entry is required but you can register your interest on Archers Diary (event registration), try and be there by 8.30am so we know who is to shoot.

Club Security

Last person to leave the Club must ensure all doors are shut, the security system is turned on and the toilets are locked. Shut the gate on the way out.

Upcoming activities



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